Thursday, March 19, 2009

RePET® - polyester yarn series made from recycled PET bottles.

Change and RevalueLIBOLON Promises a Better Future for Our Earth
¡@LIBOLON is a jointly developed brand by sister companies Li Peng and Lea Lea for nylon and polyester textiles. With 30 years of skills, experiences and fully automatic production lines for bulk or batch production, LIBOLON is determined to be the synonym of Taiwan's textile.

¡@LIBOLON lays emphasis on two eco concepts - "producing more from less and upgrading resource productivity". While it is keen to provide an integrated solution to satisfy customers demand by means of a vertical integration across the entire production and value chain, its R&D sector also devotes utmost effort to develop energy-saving and eco-friendly products by creating a manufacturing model for utilizing energy and material resources.

¡@LIBOLON has developed two series of eco product, namely RePET®and Ecoya®. RePET® is a polyester yarn series made from recycled PET bottles. Via the latest recycling technology, RePET® is produced without using virgin petrochemical raw material, which can reduce huge amount of energy consumption and CO2 emission due to the much shortened production process. Ecoya® is a colored yarn series made by injecting various specific pigments into the polymer during the spinning process. Fabric made of Ecoya® yarn not only can significantly reduce discharge of waste water during the dyeing process but also offers excellent performance like color fastness, color reproducibility and UV protection.

¡@LIBOLON has made a new "Ecoflying Plan" to fulfill the concept "cradle to cradle". During the first stage, 2008 ~ 2010, textile wastes from the plants across the entire production sectors will be recovered and recycled into new yarn or even blended with waste wood to produce wooden plastic products. The second stage will start from 2010 to 2012, with the ultimate goal to recover LIBOLON's end products into its recycling system.

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